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Handgun Shooting Academy Excellence in handgun training!
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Confidence - Proficiency - Responsibility
Learn to shoot your handgun like a pro!
Learn pistol shooting from expert firearms instructors at our facility located just 30 minutes east of Sacramento, CA.
Endorsed by one of Sacramento's top cops, "Cary Talbott has a passion for firearm safety. His commitment to excellence separates him from the pack." John McGinness, Sheriff (Ret)
All firearms owners whether military, law-enforcement or civilian share one thing in common, the responsibility to get professional training.
Defensive handgun and CCW (carry concealed weapon) courses. Tactical-Home Defense Shotgun courses and Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Courses.
Cary L. Talbott
POST Certified Firearms Instructor
STC Certified Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor


Cary Talbott teaches because he is passionate about shooting and educating others in the fundamentals of shooting and the safe and effective use of firearms. Over the course of a year I have taken the level 1,2, and 3 courses with Cary Talbott at his Handgun Shooting Academy. As a result my shooting has improved tremendously. By focusing on sight picture and trigger control, my scores in local shooting competitions have greatly increased. I cannot emphasize enough how excellent Cary's teaching and courses are. His curriculum is rigorous, comprehensive, and coherent. He teaches all the basics well and shows students how to make sure a handgun fits the individual properly. At all times Cary emphasizes range safety and the profound responsibility that is part of carrying a gun for personal protection or recreational shooting. Cary is an excellent teacher. He keeps his class sizes very small and is able to give students individual attention. He was able to sense my wife's anxiety about recoil and show her what she needed to do to relax and enjoy shooting. She has just purchased her own gun and we enjoy shooting together. Her progress has been rapid. At the more advanced levels, Cary's background in law enforcement is evident in the cover and concealment drills and other tactical applications he teaches. There has always been a bit of friendly competition among some of the class members when shooting the timed drills which simulate shooting under stress from multiple positions. This always keeps it fun! I have been shooting for years and have taken many courses. Cary's instruction is far and above all of the other instruction I have received. He is an expert. I was initially skeptical when I was encouraged to start at Level I because I thought I was more advanced. I am very glad that I went back to the beginning. I didn't know what I didn't know. I am looking forward to taking more courses with Cary in the future to improve and maintain my shooting skills. Nick B. Lodi

Cary, I want to take a minute to thank you for your professionalism and dedication that you show towards your students. I contacted you, and after listening to my needs you suggested that I take your Level I class. The class size allowed you to spend time with each of us giving individual attention and instruction. Your went above and beyond even though we had very inclement weather delivering more than you promised. EVERYONE in the class left a much safer and more proficient shooter than when they arrived. I will be signing my wife up for your Level I class here in the near future. Thank you again for being thorough and professional, you have a client for life.
Steven K.
Jackson, CA

I want to give a huge thank you to Cary for the CCW CERTIFICATION CLASS that I attended. I have had my CCW for over 20 years but recently switched counties and had to redo everything. My friend and I chose Handgun Shooting Academy because of his location and knowledge and he put our nerves to rest with his great advice before we went. Cary is down to earth and makes you feel very comfortable and keeps your attention with a little humor thrown in. We as American citizens need to learn about our weapons and always educate ourselves on the weapon that could potentially save your life, when seconds matter you better know what you are doing. We can never learn enough about our weapons and the laws that follow with our right to bear arms. So thanks again for the class and I hope to learn more from you in the future, but that will have to wait until after hunting season. Women don't be afraid or intimidated by GUNS! Get educated and Cary is a great teacher. HAPPY, SAFE SHOOTING.
Corina of Shingle Springs