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Handgun Shooting Academy Excellence in handgun training!

Course Schedule

Please call (916) 296-5125 or email us at info@handgunshootingacademy.com to inquire about available schedule dates for defensive handgun/shotgun courses and CCW course dates.

Please call or email for scheduling questions. Click on this link to see the summer course schedule 2021 HSA Course Schedule.pdf (opens in new window)

Please contact us at info@handgunshootingacademy.com for current availability of courses.>

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Course Outlines

NRA Basic Pistol is an 8hr introductory course to pistol shooting. This course will help develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to safely handle and shoot handguns. Course is conducted at our facility in Plymouth.

Levels I, II and III are Non NRA courses geared toward self defense. Each course is 8 hours, limited to 6 clients to 1 instructor and are conducted on the range. These are progressive courses designed to instill the basic fundamentals and the correct handgun shooting techniques in new, novice and experienced shooters. Any lecture required is done on the range allowing for safe demonstration of the techniques and the opportunity for you to immediately put each fundamental and technique into practice before moving on to the next. These courses are intense taking you step by step through the process and you will develop consistent handgun shooting skills creating high levels of confidence and proficiency better preparing you for self-defense. Level I, II and III are ideal for clients with CCW permits who want to further your skills and proficiency as well as develop the Combat Mindset necessary to survive a lethal confrontation. HSA is for the serious handgun owner that has taken the time to research and acquire the equipment best suited to you including a proper fitting handgun. Proper fit is paramount to safety, confidence and accuracy. For those seeking professional input regarding choosing a firearm we do offer assistance and we're only a phone call away.

CCW courses (carry concealed weapon)

Offering Utah Concealed Firearms Courses CCW course registration can be done by contacting HSA at info@handgunshootingacademy.com or by calling (916)296-5125. CCW courses are being scheduled now.

Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun courses

Check Schedule or call for info Tactical Shotgun course registration can be done by contacting HSA at info@handgunshootingacademy.com or by calling (916)296-5125. Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun courses are being scheduled now.


  • NRA Basic Pistol is $110.00 per client
  • CCW 8 hour Course is $225.00 per client. 16 hour course $325. Re-cert $150. Check with your local Sheriff's Office or Police Department for requirements. Sacramento County currently requires the 16 Hr. course for new CCW permit applications. Sutter, Placer, El Dorado, Amador and Calaveras Counties as well as the City of Jackson and the City of Ione currently require the 8 Hr. course.
  • Utah CFP is $125.00 per client
  • Individual tuition for Level I is $200.00 each.
  • Individual tuition for Level II or Level III is $200.00 each.
  • Two day handgun course combines Level I and Level II $370.00.
  • BEST VALUE! Three Day Defensive Handgun, pay just $560.00 when signing up for all three
  • Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun Course $200.00 Call for more information.
  • Ladies only courses are available. Please contact us at info@handgunshootingacademy.com for more information.
  • Private lessons available at $120.00 per hour two hour minimum.
  • Gift certificates are available for the gift that is right on target.

Level I

  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitude
  • Awarness, Avoidance
  • Firearm function
  • Safe storage
  • Gun safety rules
  • Range safety
  • Range commands
  • How to safety check your firearm
  • Dry practice definition
  • Presentation from a holster (5 step)
  • Mastering the 5 handgun fundamentals
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Reloading-emergency and tactical
  • Identifying and clearing stoppages or malfunctions
  • Live fire practice (200 rounds)

Level II

  • Awareness, avoidance
  • The Combat Mindset
  • Review basic fundamentals
  • Accuracy drills
  • Presentation from concealment
  • Use of cover
  • Scanning for further threats
  • Engaging multiple threats
  • CQB
  • One hand shooting (strong hand/weak hand)
  • Live fire practice (200 rounds)

Level III

  • Review basic fundamentals
  • Accuracy drills
  • Shooting on the move
  • One hand reloading (strong hand, weak hand)
  • One hand stoppage/malfunction clearing (strong hand, weak hand)
  • Room clearing
  • Hostage scenarios
  • Speed and accuracy drills
  • Live fire practice (200 rounds)

Tactical/Home Defense Shotgun Course

  • Firearm Safety
  • Firearm Function
  • Loading-Unloading
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Tactical Loading (keeping the firearm in the fight)
  • Shooting on the move
  • Hostage scenarios
  • Speed and accuracy drills
  • Live fire practice (200 rounds)

Minimum equipment required for all firearms training:

  • Ear protection: earplugs and/or muffs (electronic ear muffs recommended).
  • Eye protection: Prescription eyeglasses or shooting glasses (good shooting glasses will have Z87 or Milspec stamped on the inside of the temple), with shaded lenses for sunny days clear for overcast, or sunglasses.
  • Handgun w/good fitting holster. Holster will be strong side only and must cover the trigger guard as well as retain the gun during movement. Holsters can be worn outside or IWB. NRA Basic Pistol students can bring their own handgun or HSA can provide one. Recommend .22 cal. for NRA Basic Pistol.
  • Minimum of three magazines or revolver speed loaders. Not required for NRA Basic Pistol.
  • A double magazine or speed loader holder. Not required for NRA Basic Pistol.
  • Good quality sturdy belt for the holster and magazine holders.Not required for NRA Basic Pistol
  • 200-250-300 rounds of ammunition for Levels I, II, III. 100 rounds for NRA Basic Pistol
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Shorts and T-shirts are okay for spring and summer. Excessively baggy shirts/blouses are not recommended as they may hinder access to the firearm in the holster.
  • Vest, sweater or jacket for concealment training (Levels II and III only).
  • Comfortable shoes suited for outdoor activities, i.e. athletic, hiking, etc.
  • A cap or hat to protect your head and face from the sun.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant in the spring and summer.
  • A good attitude, willing to learn and have fun!
  • Sack lunch (bottled water provided).