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Handgun Shooting Academy Excellence in handgun training!

Why Handgun Shooting Academy?

Our approach

Our clients come from all walks of life and take firearms ownership and self-defense very seriously. At Handgun Shooting Academy our goal is to help you become an educated, safe and proficient firearms owner. We accomplish that through small class sizes that eliminate distractions and provide for very personalized instruction. We want you to fully understand that avoidance is the best defense and that avoidance comes through awareness of your surroundings. You will learn proper firearms shooting techniques, build your consistency, proficiency and confidence. At HSA we will teach you proper fundamentals, identify and strengthen your good shooting techniques and help you correct the bad habits you will have.   Go to Testimonials Page

Who is responsible to protect us?

Firearms sales have continued to rise over recent decades and shows no signs of decline. These continually increasing sales can be attributed to at least two root causes, the belief that the anti-gun activists will convince legislators to completely ban gun sales in the U.S. and the growing realization that personal defense is our responsibility (when seconds count police are only minutes away). This realization is bolstered by the fact that the courts are increasingly ordering the early release of incarcerated violent offenders of the law. Unfortunately the belief that law-enforcement is there to protect us is something that has been taught to us from the time we were small children. To the surprise of most citizens the high courts across our country have ruled that law-enforcement has no obligation to protect citizens. In addition top-cops from coast-to-coast have gone on the record stating the importance of citizens being prepared for self-protection. As a result more jurisdictions are issuing permits to law-abiding citizens than ever before. The bottom line is the responsibility to protect ourselves as well as our loved ones falls squarely on our shoulders.

Obligation to ourselves and society

Cary believes that as gun owners we have an obligation to ourselves and society to acquire the skills necessary to become safe handlers and proficient in the use of those firearms. This goes beyond buying a box of shells and going to the range to shoot a few rounds. Most firearms owners never learn the basic fundamentals of shooting. Without those fundamentals it is virtually impossible to improve your skills and prepare yourself for survival if forced into a lethal confrontation. There is a saying in the shooting community, under stress you always fall back to your current level of training. In other words we won't rise to the occasion and perform above what we have trained for. It has been shown that under a high stress situation your shooting accuracy may only be about half as good as your current skill level. If you have not learned the fundamentals then your skill level is 0! What is half as good as 0? You do the math. The proper fundamentals are learned through focused firearms training at Handgun Shooting Academy. All classes are limited to 6 clients to 1 instructor to provide a personalized experience.