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Handgun Shooting Academy Excellence in handgun training!

Frequently Asked Questions:

·        Who can take the courses? Anyone not prohibited by law from owning a firearm.

·        Can minors take the courses? Yes (except CCW). At least one parent must be present with the minor for any course.

·        How big are the classes? Courses are limited to 6 clients per instructor. We do this to assure each client gets personalized instruction and to minimize distractions.

·        Will I have orders barked at me or be yelled at? No. We believe in very personalized instruction. Our goal is to help you understand the fundamentals, develop skills and enjoy doing it.

·        What type of ammunition do I bring? Copper washed, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Round Nose Lead or Jacketed Hollow Points (JHP)

·        Does Handgun Shooting Academy provide handguns? For NRA Basic Pistol only (clients can bring their own to NRA Basic Pistol .22cal is recommended). Learning to shoot for defensive or competition requires a handgun that fits your hand. Handgun Shooting Academy cannot provide enough handguns to fit every profile and provide competitive prices. Levels I, II & III are for the serious shooters that have taken the time to acquire equipment that is best suited to them. We can provide consultations where we can help you to acquire a handgun that fits you.

·        Are there accommodations for out of town clients? Yes. There are accommodations available in Plymouth, Martel, Jackson, Sutter and Amador City. Please look at the Google map, on our Contact Us page for locations of these towns.

·        Are there pre-requisites for the courses? Yes. The successful completion of Level I is required to take Level II and Level II must be completed prior to taking Level III. No experience required for the Level I course.

·        Are there restaurants for lunch? Plymouth has several restaurants to choose from. The shooting facility is somewhat remote and it takes about 15 minutes to drive to town. It is only about three and a half miles to Plymouth but one and a half miles is dirt road that must be traveled slowly.